How to Make a Walking Stick

Walking SticksMaster Woodworker, Stan Cordts will be leading two demonstrations on Saturday at 4:30 and 5:15 on the topic, How to Make a Walking Stick in the Thornapple Township Parking Lot.

Stan’s love for woodworking started when he was a kid helping his grandpa. He was a German Mennonite who owned a large farm in Kansas and also built homes in that area. So Stan believes it’s in his blood. After graduating high school, he attended carpenter trade school and received his Journeyman status in 1982.

Stan was a Contractor/Builder in the Middleville/Wayland area building homes and custom-built cabinets, entertainment centers, and fireplace mantels. He retired 3 years ago due to health reasons. He now needs to use a cane, so he started making his own from wood he found on his property and locally.

Stan makes wood walking sticks and canes that are unique and bring him satisfaction because the materials are usually from his back yard. He has found cedar and sassafras. He has also purchased some diamond willow, which comes from Alaska because it’s very unusual. Stan’s favorite walking staff is a piece of sassafras that has insect cankers all up and down it so it looks really weird. He carved an eagle head on the top of it and always get comments on it when he takes it out.

CanesStan has some of his products in The Nature’s Walk craft shop on Chief Noonday Road, just west of the Marathon gas station at Briggs Road.

Sometimes when Stan is out and about, people see a cane he has and he ends up making one for them.

Stan is a member of the Michigan Woodcarvers Association and has taught different classes throughout the years.

He really enjoys making things with wood. He has also made some furniture pieces throughout the years. Additionally, Stan has carved quite a few realistic animal pieces. His carving of a bison even won at the State Fair in Detroit. Stan says that he is not able to carve quite like he used to, but he really enjoys making canes and walking sticks. “It’s great to see other people who use and enjoy the canes I’ve made for them.”


Bison (State Fair Winner)


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