Rules for Photo Contest

  1. Photos should be historical photos of anything related to Middleville.  Definition of “historical” for the purposes of this contest is anything that happened in the past, which is to say, anything before “now”.
  2. All photos must be uploaded to this website.
  3. Maximum upload size is 128 MB and length of the longest side should be no longer than 1500 pixels.
  4. Formats allowed are .JPG, .PNG, and, .GIF
  5. Your name should not appear on the photo.
  6. You can only upload photos to which you own the copyright (you took the picture).
  7. If there are other people who are identifiable in your photo (not including “crowd scenes”, please obtain their permission to use their image before submitting.
  8. The most voted for photos online will be given the title of Semi-Finalists.  These will be displayed during Middleville Heritage Days for the Final Judging by popular vote.  If chosen as a Semi-Finalist, please be prepared to submit your photo to be enlarged for display by the committee by Monday, August 12.
  9. The winner will receive a $50 prize.


The Window to Enter Photos has Closed  

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