Cowboy Songs & Gospel Roundup

Hosea playing guitarHosea Humphrey has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old.  Little did he know the adventures that music would take him on throughout his life!

While Hosea is very humble about his long and accomplished musical career, some of the highlights are worth mentioning for listeners to fully appreciate their listening experience.

Hosea is local to the Middleville/Hastings area, so many of you may have seen him perform at the Allegan County Fair or at local churches throughout the years.  He performed at the Gull Lake Bible Conference for a month in 1993 while Dr. David Jeremiah was there and was a regular for about 10 years at the Arby’s in Hastings when they consistently had live music to dine by.  Over the years, he became good friends with Ray Overholt, with whom he traveled and performed.  In 1999, Hosea was given the honor of being inducted into the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame.

Gospel Song Roundup 60th AnniversaryPerhaps what Hosea is known best for, however, is his radio show, “Gospel Song Roundup” which has been running consistently for 61 years now on WBCH out of Hastings, Michigan.  He has also been on radio stations in Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

You can still listen to Hosea singing and playing his guitar on WBCH (AM 1220) on Sunday mornings and find him at the Big Rock Barn in Martin, Michigan on the first Sunday of each month at 6:00 pm during the open mic jam session.