Thornapple Kellogg student McKenna Nichols creates Heritage Days logo

McKenna had some extra time, so she let her mind wander about her past, her own “Remember When…”

“I was born in Middleville, lived all my life here,” she recalls thinking. “What memories do I have?” With some reflection, she realized her memories were linked with Middleville’s signature, an Old West Stagecoach.

“In all the good memories that happened growing up, the stagecoach always sticks out for me.” Leafing through a book of stock photos, she knew the one she wanted as soon as she saw it; a stagecoach that exactly fit her vision of “Remember When…”

That’s what she settled on and her rendition was chosen to be the identifier for the three-day celebration of the village’s past this August 16-18.

McKenna will graduate from TK next year and hopes to attend MSU, and pursue a career in military law. “I’ve always had a passion for those who have no voice,” she said. “It’s a highly competitive field, but it’s my dream job.”

McKenna, daughter of Jason and Lindsay Preslar, works at Hastings Four and also babysits.

Heritage Days Logo 2019

Source:  Jean Gallop, WBCH

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