Middleville Heritage Days 2019 theme is “Remember When…”

Event Coordinator, Susan Foster, and several committees have many activities planned and are looking for help with more ideas and activities that follow the theme of remembering Middleville’s past.

They need volunteers to help and come up with ideas to include during the Aug. 16-17-18 event.

With a wide variety of committees, there is likely a place in one where one can contribute.

One committee is looking for people who can show others how to do what they can do; like make a craft, a perfect pie crust, or a stained glass window, or create a quilt. All-day demonstrations in several locations in the village are the goal. If you have a craft or talent you can demonstrate, you could volunteer for that.

Other areas to think about include helping with old fashioned games, organizing the demonstrations schedule, the old fashioned church service and picnic, create flyers and other printed media, help with the horseshoe tournament, a Saturday night music event, getting village businesses names for tee shirts, the restaurant coordinator, or work a shift in the information booth during the event.

In the planning are a 1950s-60s music group, a Sock Hop on Main Street, a Cruise-in, possibly a horseshoe tournament, old-fashioned games for children and adults (almost all non-electronic), the annual parade, and an art contest for the logo on a commemorative tee-shirt.


Source: Jean Gallop, WBCH

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